PerkinElmer, Honeycomb launch single-cell isolation and analysis tool

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

October 18, 2021 -- PerkinElmer and Honeycomb Biotechnologies have launched a new single-cell isolation and analysis tool called Hive scRNAseq.

The PerkinElmer and Honeycomb single-cell isolation and analysis tool.
The PerkinElmer and Honeycomb single-cell isolation and analysis tool.

Hive scRNAseq consists of a portable, handheld device that captures, stores, and prepares for RNA-Seq libraries a range of cell types, including granulocytes, nephrons, hepatocytes, and neurons, the two firms said. It allows users to collect samples from a variety of sites while protecting sample integrity during storage, shipping, and processing. Cells are loaded by gravity in volumes up to 4 mL.

PerkinElmer plans to feature Hive scRNAseq at the American Society of Human Genetics virtual meeting, which is being held October 18-22.

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