Mission Bio shares platform’s progress at Meeting on the Med

April 28, 2022

Mission Bio CEO Yan Zhang, PhD, and associate director of business development (cell and gene therapies) Nori Ueno spoke with ScienceBoard.net at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Med in Barcelona, Spain, about the company's recent accomplishments with Tapestri, Mission Bio's single-cell platform for DNA analysis.

Earlier this year, Mission Bio completed their first technology transfer of a cell and gene therapy assay to Avance Biosciences. The goal was to translate Mission Bio's work to a good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment, supporting the firms' shared partners in clinical trials.

"As a company, we're very proud of what we can do as part of the ecosystem to support our partners in their success," Zhang said.

"The platform is very uniquely suited for a better understanding of the heterogeneity behind drug resistance for cancer. And now we're playing a super important role in supporting cell and gene therapy."

Watch the video below to learn more.

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