Blood test helps diagnose inaccessible brain tumors
A prospective, blinded study by London’s Imperial College researchers showed the TriNetra-Glio liquid biopsy test, which requires 15 mL of blood, can detect malignant brain tumors. Read More
Protillion Biosciences raises $18M in financing to support therapeutic biomarker discovery
Protillion Biosciences, a privately held biotech company launched in 2019 to identify and optimize new protein therapeutics, on Monday announced the completion of an $18 million Series A financing from Arch Venture Partners and Illumina Ventures. Read More
Immune surprise: alarm protein drives inflammation
Trinity College scientists have discovered that a key immune alarm protein, previously believed to calm the immune response, actually does the opposite. The study, published December 16 in the journal Science Immunology, advances the understanding of autoimmune disorders and how inflammation is regulated. Read More
Prenetics acquiring majority stake in ACT Genomics, expanding position in cancer genetics, precision oncology
Hong Kong-based Prenetics Global, a genomics and diagnostic testing firm, on Friday announced that it is acquiring a majority stake in Taiwan-based precision oncology firm ACT Genomics. Read More
Cofactor Genomics kicks off study of multidimensional immune biomarker assay for NSCLC
Cofactor Genomics on Wednesday announced the commencement of a study of its OncoPrism assay in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Read More
MinervaX announces funding for Group B Streptococcus vaccine
Danish biotechnology company MinervaX ApS announced the completion of a 72-million-euro ($76.3 million) financing round to advance development of a novel vaccine against Group B Streptococcus (GBS). An equity financing of 22 million euros was co-led by new investors Trill Impact Ventures and Pureos Bioventures and existing investors. The European Investment Bank provided additional funding in a form of a 50-million-euro loan. Read More
Study: Menarini’s CellSearch technology effective in measuring and monitoring CTC levels in multiple myeloma
Single-cell technology and liquid biopsy developer Menarini Silicon Biosystems on Wednesday announced results from a study published December 7 in Cancer Discovery demonstrating that the enumeration and genomic characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) at varying stages of multiple myeloma (MM) is invaluable in predicting disease aggressiveness and pathology. Read More
Novel peptide targets Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms
New research demonstrates a novel synthetic peptide’s ability to selectively detect and neutralize an early molecular trigger of Alzheimer’s disease, with an eye towards early diagnosis and treatment of other amyloid diseases. Read More
AI uncovers molecular mechanism underlying pancreatic cancer
Researchers in Japan have mapped the binding site of the (pro)renin receptor known to be involved in pancreatic cancer development using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based protein structure prediction program. Read More
Oxytocin could be the key to neural plasticity: study
Researchers have learned that the peptide oxytocin could promote the growth of new neurons to repair damaged tissue and thus may contribute to neural circuit plasticity, opening the door to new ways to improve neurological conditions. Read More
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