Link between circadian disruption and cancer may have to do with temperature: study
Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a surprising link between circadian disruption and cancer that may have to do with temperature. Read More
Pew’s 2022 class of Innovation Fund Investigators to tackle biology, disease research
The Pew Charitable Trusts has announced Pew’s 2022 class of Innovation Fund Investigators. The researchers will look to advance scientific discovery and improve human health using their expertise. Read More
PerkinElmer offers analysis platform for cell and gene therapy research, manufacturing
At the BioProcess International conference in Boston, PerkinElmer launched its new Cellaca PLX Image Cytometry System, which combines image cytometer hardware, software, validated consumables, and trackable data reporting -- all in one platform. Read More
Research points to earlier, more effective muscular dystrophy treatment
New research suggests that earlier and more effective treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an inherited life-limiting disorder caused by a genetic mutation that attacks muscles, may be possible. Read More
Small molecule drug first to target circadian clock proteins to treat glioblastoma
A new type of small molecule drug is the first to target circadian clock proteins that play a key role in the spread of the deadly cancer glioblastoma, according to an article published September 26 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read More
Scientists identify immune cell targets to fight chemo-resistant breast cancer
London-based scientists have identified certain immune cells that may potentially be targeted to develop immunotherapies that benefit patients with chemotherapy-resistant breast cancers. Read More
Study of antibiotic-caused hearing loss identifies potential therapeutic targets
Indiana University School of Medicine researchers used mouse laboratory models to study how aminoglycoside antibiotics may cause human hair cell death and permanent hearing loss, and in the process have identified potential therapeutic targets. Read More
2023 Breakthrough Prize winners in life sciences announced
Winners of the 2023 Breakthrough Prizes have been announced, including “game-changing” discoveries in the life sciences. Read More
Gene editing possible for inherited retinal diseases
Precision genome editing agents can enable gene correction and disease rescue in inherited retinal diseases, according to University of California, Irvine researchers. Read More
Scientists unlock the secrets of gut coil development
Scientists now have a better understanding of embryo gut development: They've learned the counterclockwise gut rotation that occurs when the organ is formed is orchestrated by two waves of the transcription factor Pitx2 Read More
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