Lexogen debuts whole-transcriptome library prep kit

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 28, 2022 -- Lexogen has launched its Corall RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) V2 whole-transcriptome library prep kit to analyze RNA molecules at the moment of sampling.

The new product can be used for applications like gene expression studies to assess transcriptional changes in response to drug treatment or during various states of development. Corall RNA-Seq V2 can also be used for alternative splicing studies and analysis of transcript isoforms in different tissues.

The product builds on Lexogen's Displacement/Stop and Ligation technologies with a wide input range and performs well even for low input (down to 1 ng total RNA) and compromised samples. The Corall library preparation kit requires only six steps and can be completed in 4.5 hours. It doesn't need RNA fragmentation and is therefore suited for processing highly degraded RNA or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded material, Lexogen said.

The kit is available as a standalone, an mRNA-Seq bundle including poly(A) selection, and as a total RNA-Seq bundle that includes RiboCop rRNA depletion.

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